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Embedded Systems Training Centers In Bangalore Rajaji Nagar, India

Education May 29, 2018

An Introduction to Java Programming Language

If you are into programming or planning to learn one, you might be aware of Java. It is a favourite programming language used by programmers across the globe to develop high-end, user-friendly applications and software for mobile, desktop and tablet etc. This language has evolved from C and C++. An object-oriented language for programming, Java is platform independent as it can be used in any OS.

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Applications of Java:

Desktop GUI Applications:

Java provides GUI development through Abstract Windowing Toolkit (AWT),  JavaFX, and Swing.  AWT comprises many pre-constructed components like the menu, button, list, and various third-party parts, a GUI widget toolkit, and Swing. It also provides advanced elements like trees, tables, scroll panes, tabbed panel and lists. JavaFX, a set of graphics and media packages, allows Swing interoperability, 3D graphics features and self-contained deployment model which helps in the quick scripting of Java applets and applications.

Embedded Systems:

Embedded systems, ranges from small chips to specialized computers. They are components of large electromechanical systems that perform dedicated tasks. Devices like SIM cards, blue-ray disk players, utility meters and televisions, employ embedded Java technologies. As stated by Oracle, 100% of Blu-ray Disc Players and 125 million TV devices use Java. top embedded system training institute

Enterprise Applications:

Java EE or Java Enterprise Edition is a renowned platform that provides API and runtime environment for both scripting and running enterprise software. It included network applications and web-services. Oracle states that Java is running in 97% of enterprise computers. It is rightly termed as the backbone for a variety of banking applications that have Java running from front user end – back server end.

Mobile Applications:

Java ME or J2ME is a cross-platform framework prominently used to build applications that run across all Java supported devices, including feature and smartphones.

Web Applications:

Java supports web applications through Servlets, Struts or JSPs.  It offers easy programming and higher security.

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