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Cost of Joint Replacement Surgery In India

Health & Fitness July 19, 2017

Knee replacement surgery in India is very popular with patients from all over the world flying to the country to get orthopaedic help from the experts. India is a popular choice of destination because they get world-class medical care at affordable costs. The key factors that draw foreign nationals to India for knee replacement surgery include:

  • Personalised patient care
  • High quality treatment at low cost
  • Clean hospitals
  • Skilled surgery
  • No of hidden charges

However, orthopaedic surgeons say that almost 35 per cent patients coming to them for knee replacement surgery usually jump the gun. They say that out of every 100 patients seeking the surgery, only 10 cases are good for replacement surgery.

The other cases, according to them, are usually because of a weak thigh or hip muscles.  The pain that they experience is because of the degeneration of the bone under the knee cap or the patella. Such patients can get relief from knee braces and regular physiotherapy. This will fix the problem. Complications may arise if you attempt for correction without first trying to fix the muscles.

For Spine Surgery in Mumbai & Joint Replacement or Treatment You Can Visit DR L H Hiranandani Hospital

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