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PDMS Training In Pune, Best Piping Engineering Institute In India

PDMS and Piping Design For a fulfilling career, you could now learn PDMS with Piping Design. PDMS is also known as Plant Design Management Software. […]

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Publish Online Comic Audio, Buy And Publish Marathi Ebooks

3 reasons to start writing your first eBook Every writer of the current millennium has given a thought to writing an eBook at some point […]

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Best Online Book Store In India, Buy Marathi Books Online

4 Mistakes To Avoid While Writing An eBook Writing an eBook is definitely a big step for a writer.  Many writers dream of publishing an […]

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Rent Books Online India, Online Book Rental India

How Turn Your Blog Into An eBook EBooks are more substantial and have a bigger reach. Test out which of your blog posts work well […]

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Buy E Books Online India, Buy And Publish English Ebooks

3 English eBooks you would love to read Writing a great book is called as an art. Reading that great book is called as appreciating […]

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Office Furniture Manufacturers, Office Furniture Designs, Office Workstatio...

What is modular furniture and what are its advantages? While renovating an old space or creating a brand new one, we all have heard the […]

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Office furniture Pune, Office furniture in Pune, Office furniture manufactu...

This is why office design helps in attracting and retaining talented employees Gone are the days when employees used to stick to the same organizations […]

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Modular Office Furniture In Pune, Office Furniture Dealers In Pune

While investing in furniture remember that it is a long-term commitment. Depending on your space and taste you can select Modern or Custom Furniture. Both […]

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Modular Office Furniture Manufacturers, Modular Office Furniture Systems

5 Popular Trends in Modular Office Furniture Modular office furniture thus gives a space its distinct personality, but like everything else, it undergoes a significant […]

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GoPranzo – Pune Buffet Deals, Food Events In Pune, Dinner Deals In Pu...

Restaurants have been experimenting with new ways to combine geolocation, mobile and social media platforms to bring more customers in the door. There are daily food […]

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Best Valentine’s Day Flower Delivery, Best Valentine’s Day Flowers In Melbourne

SEO August 29, 2018

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Best Bridal Makeup Artist In Pune, Bridal Dulhan Makeup In Pune

Health & Fitness December 15, 2017

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Piping Engineering Diploma in Mumbai, Piping Engineering Diploma in India

Education December 13, 2017

Advantages of pursuing Piping Engineering Diploma

Diploma in Piping Engineering is a job oriented course. It helps both Mechanical and Chemical Engineers become industry ready. In this blog, we will explore the advantages of Piping Engineering Diploma and how it will help you flourish!

Diploma in Piping Engineering can be wrapped till your graduation: If you are in the final year of your engineering course, then you can pursue this Diploma. It will help you save time, get a specialization even before you are a graduate and assist you in getting a job quickly.

Different formats of Piping Engineering course are available: There are both short and long-term Piping Engineering courses available. You could also opt for M.Tech. Piping Design and Engineering courses which are up to 2 years long. Apart from this Diploma in Piping Engineering is available online too. What more? You could now pursue Piping Engineering right from home. This availability of choices would help you explore different course formats, assess the advantages and disadvantages and choose the best one!

To search for Piping Engineering Courses In Mumbai Online search Piping Engineering Diploma in India.

Diploma in Piping Engineering would improve your value: This job oriented course helps add new skills to one’s skill set. Good jobs and decent packages are subject to multi skills in one individual. Thus, having more than a traditional Engineering Degree will increase the chances of landing a good job!

Chemical industries rely heavily on pipes: Pipes form an integral part of any industry, specifically chemical! Chemical industry deals with liquids that are extremely sensitive and volatile. Pipes play a pivotal role when it comes to transferring these from one place to another. This is where Piping Engineering comes into the picture. Thus, if you are a Chemical Engineering graduates and are keen on taking Diploma or a full-time piping engineering course, then you are about to make the right choice. This will skyrocket your value!


Pune (Head Office) 5th floor, A-Wing,

Office No. 74-79, K.K. Market, Sr. No. 674-675,

Dhankawadi, Pune-Satara Rd, Pune-411043.

Phone : +91 20 65003400 / +91 20 65003600

Mobile No : +91 9822086802 / +91 9822093666

Email-ID: contact@asianacademy.org.in, mrjoshi.piping@yahoo.com

Mumbai Branch Office, L-326, Dreams The Mall,

Near Bhandup Railway Station, Bhandup West,

Mumbai- 400078, Maharashtra, India.

Mobile No : +91 9527133666

Email-ID : mrjoshi.pipingmumbai@yahoo.com

Website – http://www.asianacademy.org.in/

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Marathi Ebooks, Buy Marathi Ebooks, Marathi Ebooks Online

Online Ebooks December 1, 2017

Various Literature Genres

Literature is powerful. It has the power to mirror the society and at the same time it can even sweep us off the current scenes and take us into its hypothetical world. Books are a way of entering into the world of literature and these days we even have the digitised options – eBooks. Be it Marathi eBooks. Hindi eBooks or English, these digitised versions have increased our love for literature by manifolds.

Through this article let us take you on a ride through various genres of literature

Literature is majorly divided into two types



These genres include the following types

Nonfiction – These books are fact based

  1. Essays – These are short proses that usually showcase writer’s outlook on a particular topic.
  2. Biography – Written document of another person’s life is showcased in a Biography.
  3. Autobiography – It is written document of a person’s life written by him/her.
  4. Speech – It is basically written in the form of an address, ability to express one’s thoughts.

Fiction – These books are based on imaginative characters and storylines

  1. Legend – It basically showcases the story of a hero in the form of folklore.
  2. Mystery – It is based on unsolved secrets or unexplained aspects.
  3. Mythology – It is a traditional narrative usually depicting tales of Gods and Goddesses.
  4. Fairy Tales – These are basically fables usually portraying stories of fairies or magical creatures.
  5. Fantasy – These tales are based on imaginative characters, aspects or stories which may or may not relate to reality.
  6. Horror – The tales that are shocking, frightening, dreadful are included in this category. These tales instigate a feeling of fear in everyone reading them.

Various Marathi eBooks cover these genres and are a delight to read.

At BookHungama we store many such Marathi eBooks belonging to various genres. You can purchase these vast varieties of books here – http://www.bookhungama.com

All these e-books are available on – Buy Marathi Ebooks

Download Bookhungama Android App FREE – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bookhungamareader&hl=en

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Buy Marathi Ebooks, Marathi Ebooks Online, Best Ebook Reader App

Online Ebooks December 1, 2017

The Rise Of Marathi Literature

Marathi literature finds its roots in 10th century (or even before that).  It began with religious writings that were owned by the Warkari sects. The early saint-poets like Mukundaraj & Vivekasindhu were at the forefront and these were succeeded by the very talented poets of the later period like Eknath, Mukteswar, Tukaram.

The Marathi Literature can be divided into two major sections – the old Marathi literature (1000-1800 AD) and the modern day Marathi literature (1800 onwards). The old literature majorly consists of devotional and religious poems. The poets of that era believed in following a rhyming scheme, a specific metre and those authentic choices of words.  On the other hand the modern day Marathi literature has adorned various amazing history anecdotes along with the modern version of poetry. The current literature also covers technology and science.  These days this Marathi literature is available in the form of books as well as Marathi e-books.

The British era witnessed a major transition in the Marathi literature. Prominent writers like Jyotiba Phule & Lokahitavadi came to forefront and started penning thoughts about various topics and their freedom fight in Marathi.

Marathi literature saw a new turn with the Marathi newspaper entering the scene. In the late 1800s and early 1900s Marathi prose and poetry was majorly based on depicting human emotions and various stages of human life.

Marathi drama began spreading its wings during 1960s and 1970s and today can boast of some fine scripts and movies based on the drama novels.  Prominent writers such as Vasant Kanetkar, Kusumagraj and Vijay Tendulkar have been looked at when it comes to Marathi drama.

In the modern times with the invention of Marathi ebooks the Marathi literature has seen new heights. Due to the easy conversion of old Marathi literature into Marathi eBooks the modern generation indulges itself into many Marathi eBooks and get sneak peek of the great literal history of this beautiful language.

To get your hands on some amazing Marathi eBooks visit – Download Marathi Ebooks

Download Bookhungama Android App FREE – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bookhungamareader&hl=en


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Free Online Book Reading, Online Book Library In Mumbai

Online Ebooks December 1, 2017

6 Reasons To Love Ebooks

EBooks definitely have come a long way since their inception. The growth of the eBook market has made one thing certain- eBooks are here to stay! The rise of eBooks is the resultant of the rise e-readers. Here are some of the reasons for you guys to fall more in love with eBooks and cling on to your kindles!

  1. Pocket-Friendly

An eBook does not contain a hardcover or a soft cover or added cost of physical production hence they always cost less than the paperbacks!

  1. Can be easily carried to places

No matter where you go, you can carry as many eBooks as you want. They never take up space in your luggage and can be easily transferred, Buy And Publish Marathi Ebooks.

  1. No fear of judgements

Book cover sometimes gives away your secret interests. Well with eBooks you can read whatever you want wherever you want.

  1. Customisable

If you are writer eBooks are very convenient for you to write. Everything in an Ebook – the content, the pictures or the diagrams can be customised in the way you want them to be. There are many flexible layouts that are available that can easily help you make a book of your own choice and you can give the desired look to your eBook, Buy And Publish English Ebooks.

For e-readers, you can adjust the text in the size you desire and can also read in the dark.

  1. Instantly Available

If you like a book you either have to go to the store and buy it or order it online and wait for it to arrive. We know this whole waiting process makes the readers very impatient.  Ebooks are instantly available online. Do you like a book? Just download it or simply buy it from the authorized sites.

  1. Editable

If you are a writer it is easier to publish and write an eBook than a paperback version. EBooks are easily editable at no or minimum cost.

So now go cater your love of eBooks and read them more…

You can buy them here –  http://www.bookhungama.com/

Download Bookhungama Android App FREE – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bookhungamareader&hl=en

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Best Online Book Store, Online Books Purchase India

Online Ebooks December 1, 2017

A Must-Read E-book Series – (part – 1)

We all love reading about detective stories, don’t we? The thrill, the suspense, the gradually-intensifying storyline and one hero who does it all, all of this just glues us to it. Be it a burglar tale or murder mystery – detective stories always manage to keep us gripped! One such amazing e-book series all our Marathi readers are in love with is tales of Faster Fene – an intelligent and super smart boy who solves the toughest problems with utmost sharp-wit and in a dapper style. The author, B.R Bhagwat has a unique flair for displaying the plot in an interesting manner good enough to hook you on until the end.

Here are some of the great books from this series

  1. Faster Fene Dongar Bhet
  • Here is a unique tale about Binesh (aka faster Fene) planning to gift his cousin a wedding gift. While traveling on a train passing through Khandala ghat he was pondering upon what should be done and the story unfolds many mysterious things as it moves on. You should surely read this one!

You can buy it here – http://www.bookhungama.com/index.php/fastar-fenechi-dongar-bhet.html

  1. Faster Fene Pratapgadavar
  • This one’s another masterpiece from the amazing B.R Bhagwat. A story that will keep you hooked and a book that will give you an interesting tour of Binesh’s life. It is all about their expedition on Pratapgarh! Folks, you have to check this one. You can buy it here – http://www.bookhungama.com/index.php/pratapgadavar-fastar-fene.html
  1. Faster Fene – Detective

Who doesn’t like ‘detective stories’? We all at some point or other in our lives have desired to be a detective or even try to be one. Our hero Binesh Fene is also one of those (just a bit better than us may be). This teenager has always been drawn to solve a case, one day he comes across an ad for a search of a detective and off he goes. A thrilling story beautiful written by the author. Grab your e-book here – http://www.bookhungama.com/index.php/faster-fene-ditective.html

This amazing series is soon coming up with a motion picture with Amey Wagh as a protagonist. Ritesh Deshmukh and Genelia Deshmukh have produced it and it surely is going to be a movie to watch!

All these e-books are available at – http://www.bookhungama.com

Download Bookhungama Android App FREE – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bookhungamareader&hl=en

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Rent Books Online India, Online Book Rental India

Online Ebooks December 1, 2017

A Must-Read E-book Series – (part – 2)

Faster Fene – This name brings to our mind a smart, skinny and quick-witted teenage boy. The B.R Bhagwat brought to life this amazing character who has managed to gain a place in our hearts and whom we all adore!

Be it print or e-books Faster Fene series has fascinated all its readers. The charm of the unique storyline and the character has even managed to enchant our Marathi film industry. This series has been transformed into a motion picture with Amey Wagh playing the protagonist. Ritesh Deshmukh  & Genelia Deshmukh have produced the movie which is going to be releasing soon. Well if any of you is unaware of this interesting character then we have got the e-book versions of almost all of the Faster Fene books.

Here are some you may love to read

  1. Tring Tring Faster Fene

Some stories leave us spell bound, others keep us on our toes as we keep on guessing what will happen next… this particular book portrays such kind of story! Our star Binesh Fene decides to write about something and here’s a story of how he goes about it!

You can check out his unique adventure through our ebook.

You can buy it here – http://www.bookhungama.com/index.php/faster-fenechya-galyat-mal.html

  1. Junglepataat Faster Fene

Our favourite author has always shown our favourite character ‘FasterFene’ in amazing stories. Faster Fene never has to go in search of an adventure, it just walks into his life. In this book the writer has narrated a Jungle adventure that Binesh Fene finds himself into! Binesh Fene and his adventures are an epitome of bravery and courage.

You can check out this amazing story in the ebook format … buy it here – http://www.bookhungama.com/index.php/jangal-patat-faster-fene.html

We all are very excited about how the movie is going to turn up. Aren’t you?

All these e-books are available on – http://www.bookhungama.com

Download Bookhungama Android App FREE – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bookhungamareader&hl=en

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Buy And Publish Marathi E Videos, Publish Online Comic Audio

Online Ebooks December 1, 2017

EBooks – How Did They Begin?

It is said that in 1993 Peter James published his book on a floppy and this one stands to be one of the earliest samples.  It did create a big stir. Masses claimed that the electronic version might kill the novels.  In spite of the uproar, according to James, it did sell many copies.  The eBook was called ‘Host’ – it was a story of a scientist.

While eBooks are actual texts, the device that makes reading this text possible is called as an e-reader. The world’s first automated reader is said to have been invented by Angela Ruiz Robles. She was a teacher. She wanted to free her students from carrying heavy books. Hence she found a way to reduce the load. Unfortunately, she never could manage to get a patent for it, Buy Rent Ebooks Online India.

The invention of the internet was a huge step in the world of eBooks.  In 1971, Micheal Hart a student of University of Illinois was given some time on the computer in the lab, those were the Arpanet days. He entered some text into the system and made it available for others to download. This is was one of the first instances where people understood that computers can be used to share text as well.

Later in 1987, a company called East Gate Systems published a book called Afternoon by Micheal Joyce which was the first hypertext fiction. It was available for purchase on a floppy disk. In 1993 Bibliobytes started selling eBooks on the internet. In 1999 American publishers Simon & Schuster became the first publishers to print titles in eBook and print format & Buy E Books Online India.

In the year 2000, Glassbook eBook reader, a free software was launched. Later in the same year, Microsoft launched Microsoft reader. A year later Adobe launched an updated version of Glassbook, where people could underline, take notes and bookmark.

As of today, eBooks have definitely come a long way.

So when are you purchasing your next eBook?

All these e-books are available at – http://www.bookhungama.com

Download Bookhungama Android App FREE – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bookhungamareader&hl=en

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Best Ebooks In Regional Language, Best Ebook Reader App

Other Services December 1, 2017

Must Read Marathi EBooks

Marathi EBooks have found their well-deserved place in the literary bracket not only in Maharashtra but all over India. Fans of Marathi literature have used Marathi EBooks since quite a while and they seem to enjoy the digitised version of their favourite Marathi books.

Here are few Marathi EBooks which you would love to read

  1. 14 Garibaldi Street
  • This story revolves around the era of World War 2. This book based on a true story of agents belonging to the Israeli Intelligence Organisation Mossad and how they discover Nazi officer Adolph Eichman who was supposedly living in Argentina under an assumed name. This book thrilling and will keep you at the edge of your seat.

You can find this Marathi eBook here – http://www.bookhungama.com/index.php/e-book/14-garibaldi-street.html

  1. Vikasacha Marg
  • This book highlights the various aspects we need to keep in mind in order to walk on the path of progress. Believing in you is very vital to achieve success. This Marathi eBook focuses on the fact that an individual’s progress is in his/her hands. Giving a deep thought to a particular task before taking actions is very vital. This Marathi eBook idolises the fact that an individual should always be ready to work hard.

You can buy this book here – http://www.bookhungama.com/index.php/e-book/vikasacha-marg.html 

  1. Koparkhali
  • ‘Koparkhali’ is a compilation of satirical articles written by Mayuresh Watve a journalist from Goa. These articles were published in ‘Gomantak’ and ‘Tarun Bharat’, leading Marathi newspaper from Goa.

You can buy this Marathi eBook here – http://www.bookhungama.com/index.php/e-book/koparkhali.html 

  1. Vrudhankarita Vyayam
  • Old age causes the body and bones to become weak. Everyone wishes that their old age if not be full fun and happiness it at least should not be sad or filled with grief. Some forms of exercises would help to lead on an old age where you could be physically fit. In this Marathi eBook the writer M.G Gore has listed down some of the helpful exercises.

Get this Marathi eBook here – http://www.bookhungama.com/index.php/e-book/vruddhankarita-vyayam.html 

All these e-books are available on – Best Ebooks In Regional Language

Download Bookhungama Android App FREE – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bookhungamareader&hl=en

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